A general, big-picture analysis and assessment of your manuscript with detailed comments and suggestions regarding major story points, such as premise, plot and structure, voice, character development and character voice, themes, style, clarity, pacing, and consistency. Suggestions offered with regard to strengthening or refocusing the core intentions of the book; insuring the narrative voice works; restructuring the plot as needed to maximize the narrative's impact; and expanding characters, subplots, story threads, etc., that feel under-developed. Particularly effective for first or early drafts, when line or substantive editing is not yet needed. Written in the form of an Editorial Memo, with notes/comments made in the margins of the manuscript itself; and followed up with either by phone or email, depending in your preference and needs.

Rate:  $3/manuscript page.


A general analysis and assessment of your manuscript, as described above, but at a more micro-level, and includes the Editorial Memo and substantive comments, queries, and suggestions made on the manuscript itself, considering pacing, characters, point of view, tense, plot, subplots, and dialogue. Order and consistency are scrutinized, with attention paid to flow of chapters, plot holes and "days off," and story elements that aren't "landing" well. This edit considers all the aspects of a manuscript that will make the book clear, readable and enjoyable. Includes a Line Edit, a word-by-word edit, to improve, hone and polish the prose by trimming repetitive words and phrases, clarifying and enhancing meaning, and strengthening the rhythm of the prose. Each sentence is analyzed for word choice, power and meaning, and syntax is considered, insuring that by completion, the manuscript will be polished down to the level of copyediting. The Line Edit is done using Microsoft Word's "Tracking Changes" and "Comments," so that you can easily see the changes and suggestions, and accept, reject, or modify them. Followed up with either by phone or email, based on your preference.

Rate: $.06 per word.


A read and concise, broad-strokes assessment of what is and isn't working in a manuscript, from a "reader's perspective," including core issues -- concept, execution, characters, plot and structure -- and readability and marketability. May also provide suggestions for the next best steps for a project.  

Rate: $1/manuscript page. 


A copyedit is appropriate for a manuscript in its final stages, with no further development, refinement or structural revisions needed, and does not alter the content of the text. The goal of a copy edit is to ensure mechanical correctness, making sure prose is clear, accurate, and correct, and focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling, hyphenation, terminology and consistency. If you will be traditionally published, your publishing house will have your manuscript copyedited per the house’s style sheet. If you are self-publishing, you may want copyediting prior to printingCopyediting is done within the manuscript itself, using Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" and "Comments."

Rate: $.025-.045/word depending on the depth of the copyedit, e.g., light, medium or heavy/substantive.


Proofreading is done within the manuscript itself, using Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" and Comments," and focuses on misspellings, typographical errors, grammar and punctuation issues, usage errors, and general clarity. 

Rate: $.015/word.


If you’d like to see what’s involved in an edit and if it will benefit you, submit up to 5,000 words) along with a brief synopsis of the overall story for context, specify the level of edit -- developmental @ $.06/word, copy edit @ $.025-$0.45/word, or proof reading @ $.015/word -- and you will be charged for the number of words submitted. If you contract for additional services, the fee for the Trial Edit will be deducted from your final project invoice.


Improving a query letter to ensure it succinctly and compellingly describes a manuscript, its potential market, and the author's background or platform.

Rate: $75/hour (average: $150)


Rate:  $95/hour